Nathan Deal releases partial tax returns

Deal's tax returns are on his website

Former Governor Roy Barnes has called on Republican Gubernatorial candidate Nathan Deal to release his full tax returns in an effort to be transparent to voters.

Nathan Deal's website has released his 1040 forms from the past 29 years. You can see the tax returns from 1981 to 2009 by clicking here.

The forms released do not include supplemental forms that would include information on his auto salvage business. Congressional financial disclosures brought on an ethics investigation of that business. The reason investigation focused on if Deal appropriately declared money earned from his business when he was in the U.S. House, if he leverages his office and influence to protect his business, and if he pressured state revenue Commissioner Bart Graham to protect its no-bid status.

Roy Barnes's campaign is saying that Deal hasn't released enough tax information to be truly transparent.

Deal's campaign is now calling on Barnes to disclose how many civil judgments he won as an attorney before judges he appointed.