MCLB collaboration could mean jobs for students

Albany State University reaches out to the marine base. / Jessica Fairley

Colonel Donald Davis, Base Commander at the Albany Marine Corps Logistics Base, was invited to Albany State University Friday to tour the campus and find out how the two entities can collaborate.

The tour started in one of the school's labs where leaders discussed energy and logistics.

Colonel Davis also watched a live demonstration of skills that ASU's logistics program can provide.

School officials say this tour was their way of making base leaders aware of what Albany State University has to offer.

"As their workforce on the marine base either retires or get smaller through attrition, they'll need to find employment. Albany State is a great opportunity here in our Supply Chain and Logistics Management program," said Wallace Rich, Operations Manager for the Center of Advanced Logistics Management at Albany State University.

Wallace Rich says this is just the beginning of future partnerships between ASU and the Albany Marine Corps Logistics Base.