Mayoral candidates stump on Election Day

The three mayoral candidates all seemed confident their hard campaign work has paid off on the day Albany voters began deciding the next mayor.

Career politician John White spent the day traveling to different voting precincts trying to pull in last minute voters, but says he was a little disappointed by turnout.

"I have been through 12 elections. The enthusiasm has not been there for the total city like I have seen in the past," said White.

No surprise, business woman B.J Fletcher was at her business. Without naming names, the political newcomer says she was a little taken aback by the tactics in this race.

"We have people that unfortunately don't want to look at the real issues of no jobs, of poverty of crime and they want the smear campaign and some of the things that have been said are just nasty," said Fletcher.

And Dorothy Hubbard brought in family on decision day.

The former Ward Two commissioner says win, lose or draw, she hopes the next mayor is someone who can unite.

"The people of Albany want elected officials that are willing to work together. We have an opportunity to make history. We have an opportunity to pull our city together and get people on the same boat and going in the same way," said Hubbard.