Mayoral candidates stump at town hall meeting

The candidates take the floor. / Allen Carter

Politics aren't taking the weekend off in Albany. The three candidates vying to be the city's next mayor squared off Saturday in a town hall meeting.

"It gives us an opportunity another opportunity. Anytime we can get out with the people and listen to them I think that is just crucial," said former city commissioner Dorothy Hubbard.

It wasn't a debate but each candidate was given 10 minutes to address voters and talk about their platforms if selected as Albany's next mayor.

"I don't want to just be a figurehead. I want to roll my sleeves up and be involved with every department there is," said B.J. Fletcher.

The last man standing in the race, John White, says his biggest concern is trying to bring business. But first he wants the city to be sellable.

"We need a lot of work; we need a lot of landscaping. We need a place when people come to us it's a place that's acceptable and they would want to stay and want to live," said White.

Fletcher envisions a united Albany, right now she sees a city divided.

"Apathy, racism is very much part of our problem and we're very divided. When they say there is two Albany's. They are talking about one side of town versus the other and there are two mindsets," said Fletcher.

Hubbard, she says it's about listening to citizens and then developing a plan.

"We've sat down and listened to what the people think are our issues here in Albany Georgia and I will tell you that I've had a real surprise because I really thought the number one issue was going to be crime and number two was going to be jobs, but what I have heard is that crime and education are running neck and neck," said Hubbard.

Ultimately the day was about pushing their message.

"Meetings like this, you bring your supporters, so you're not going to change anybody's mind, you just can share what you want to do," said White.