Maschke not running for school board re-election

School Board Member David Maschke (left) announces he is not seeking re-election / File

District 1 Dougherty County School Board Representative David Maschke announced that he is not pursing a fourth term with the Board of Education, instead choosing to focus on his family and career.

"I have expended a tremendous amount of time, energy, resources and my own personal money serving the citizens of this community. I want to now concentrate on my family and my architectural career. It is time for someone else to step forward to assume the responsibility of serving the students, parents, teachers and taxpayers of District 1," says Maschke, who's been a part of the board since Jan. 2001. He says he hopes the school board continues working for student achievement and that his replacement will do the same.

"My advice would be to always be open and truthful, and they're going to have to have thick skin because it's not an easy position. But it's an important job," says Maschke. "Serving as a school board member is very time consuming, it's exhausting, there's constant issues, you know, politics, misinformation; there's some successes that occur along the way, but overall it just takes a lot of time and a lot out of you."

Qualifying for the election will be May 23 through May 25. Election primaries will be held July 31.

"Serving on the school board is grueling and time consuming, as well as mentally and physically taxing," he says. "I will continue to serve out the remainder of my term with the same commitment and vigor with which I have always served. "