Local organizations vie for piece of the budget pie

Commissioner Tommie Postell has proposed giving the RiverQuarium $150,000 this next fiscal year / Ashley Knight

Both the Flint RiverQuarium and the Civil Rights Museum are asking the city for a piece of their budget.

Both the city and Dougherty County have contributed funds to both organizations, but did not include them in this year's budget proposal.

Commissioner Tommie Postell proposed $150,000 for the RiverQuarium and $50,000 for the museum.

However, the city would have to do a lot of extra cutting to find the money.

"I think they are all considerate of it, but this is a tight budget year and each of them will have to make their own decisions," says Assistant City Manager Wes Smith.

The city's budget already includes a $3 million decrease over last year.

They will have to approve a final budget in two weeks.

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