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      Local judge runs for a state seat

      Judge John Salter will be retiring soon and Monday evening Dougherty County Magistrate Judge Victoria Darrisaw announced her candidacy for Judge of the State Court of Dougherty County.

      Dozens of friends and family gathered at Thronateeska to kick off her campaign. Darrisaw has served as a prosecutor, judicial clerk, and assistant district attorney. Judge Darrisaw says she loves the law and her job and over the past 12 years she TMs been honored to work in the Dougherty County Courthouse. I TMm excited to do more, I TMm committed to this county, I TMm committed to Dougherty County. I love here, my children grew up here, and I TMve always served. So I wanted to opportunity to serve in a difference capacity and move up the judicial ladder so to speak says Darrisaw.

      To learn more about her campaign click here.