Lee County ordinance proposals spark lively debate

Photo Credit: Romney Smith

Commissioners passed a resolution to draw up plans to allow Lee County residents to use the landfill on Saturday's to dispose of up to 500 pounds per month for free. Before commissioners agreed on that 'free trash day' description they went back and forth over a weight limit, how to track residents trash donation, and exactly what items were and weren't considered trash.

Lee County Commissioners also had a lively discussion about a proposed ordinance that would create a public safety department and a new public safety director. Commission Chairman Rick Muggridge says the lengthy discussion was needed to fully explain the ordinance. "It was necessary because we're going to invest in cross training EMS folks to respond to fires. For them to become certified firefighters in the state of Georgia, in order for them to 'count' in regards to ISO, they must work for the same agency" says Muggridge.

The public safety ordinance passed 4-1 with Commissioner Ed Duffy dissenting. Duffy was says the department is 'unnecessary' since the current department heads have been in place for more than 12 years and have done an excellent job.

Even though the public safety ordinance passed commissioners say it simply gives them the option to hire a department head, but that they don't expect to hire one any time soon.

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