Lee County garbage ordinance repealed

Lee County commissioners rescinds the garbage ordinance. / Jessica Fairley

After years of debating the issue, Lee County commissioners are repealing the 2009 garbage bill.

Commissioners voted unanimously to do away with the law until the public is allowed to vote on the non-binding referendum.

The ordinance required residential garbage fees to be collected on the Ad Valorem tax bill.

This measure was made in order to save the county thousands of dollars from people not paying their garbage fees.

"That money that needs to be collected needs to be put in the general fund and in two years were talking about almost two million dollars. I'd rather collect trash fees for services rendered than have to raise the mileage rate someday," says Ed Duffy, Lee County Commission Chair.

He says either way the vote goes, the commission will have to abide by the voice of the people.

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