Lee County Commissioners discuss senior housing and the utility authority

Lee County Commission

Flint Ventures, LLC plead their case for why they want 14 acres east of Weslo Mobile Home park rezoned in order to build a 78 unit senior housing complex.

Development Manager Josh Thomason says Lee County needs the new development. "There really are no affordable quality living options for seniors in Lee County, and this would be the first of its kind" says Thomason. Presenters in favor of the housing development would develop the residential portion, and leave the commercial development a possibility on the property facing Forrester Parkway

Commission Chairman Ed Duffy says at the next meeting the board will vote in favor or against the project.

Commissioners also considered adopting a resolution for an intergovernmental contract between the Lee County Commissioners and the Lee County Utility Authority to restructure their debt in order to minimize it. Chairman Ed Duffy says it's a necessary action. "By restructuring their debt it's going to eliminate transferring money from our general fund. If they don't restructure, the debt next year out of the general fund we'll have to allocate over $700,000 dollars to keep the doors open" says Duffy.

The upcoming fiscal year is $1.3 million dollars over budget.