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      Lane Price presents plan to increase graduation rates

      Lane Price held a press conference this afternoon in front of her headquarters to discuss her plan for raising the graduation rate.Price introduced a five-point plan of attack for how she plans to do this, saying the focus must start young.Price says ensuring children in the third-grade are reading on a third-grade level by the end of the year is statistically shown to improve graduation rates.The same kind of statistics have shown children that are on an eighth-grade math level by the end of the year are also more likely to graduate.Price went on to speak about targeting potential dropouts and providing additional instruction and mentions for these underperforming students.Part of the plan is to also make sure each school practices a philosophy that is consistent with the school system.Price says writing this plan down and presenting it is vital so she can be held accountable for these actions and promises down the road.

      "If it is just in my mind then how can I possibly get other people to buy into my plan? If I write it down, not only can I get people to buy into it but I can be held accountable for it," said Price.

      Price said it also holds those who endorse her plan to be accountable as well.

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