Kiwanis Club connects with Congressman

Congressman Sanford Bishop addresses the Kiwanis Club, Monday. / Matt Prichard

Congressman Sanford Bishop spoke at the Kiwanis Club Monday to better connect with the community.

Each Monday the Kiwanis Club meets at the Hilton Garden Inn to eat and socialize with one another. On Monday however, the group had a special guest, Congressman Sanford Bishop. While in attendance, Bishop spoke to the club and answered multiple questions from concerned Albany citizens.

"When you see an elected official, you know he or she didn't get there by themselves, it was the constituents that elected them. And of course it is important and necessary, that we stay close to those constituents," said Congressman Bishop.

The Kiwanis Club will welcome Congressman Bishop's opponent, Rick Allen, next Monday at 1:00 PM at the Hilton Garden Inn.