Hubbard will run for Albany mayor

Photo Credit: Hubbard with supporters.

The newest candidate to fill Willie Adams' shoes as Mayor of Albany is looking to make some history in the 'Good Life City.' City Commissioner Dorothy Hubbard would become the first woman ever to serve as Mayor of Albany. At today's announcement, Hubbard said she wants to show the people what she can do as Mayor â" not just tell them. "I want to be the Mayor of Albany," said Hubbard.

Hubbard has served as Albany city commissioner from Ward 2 for six years. As the backdrop for her announcement, she chose a dilapidated home undergoing demolition â" a main campaign theme. "I have fought for a cleaner, safer, and more productive Albany," said Hubbard. "You may not have seen me but you have seen my work."

Hubbard's only official competition so far is local businessman Kirk Smith. His campaign manager welcomed Hubbard to the race but says doesn't believe her candidacy will interfere with Scott's momentum. "We have a lot of support in the community," said Christopher King. "We have been campaigning for a long time now."

Hubbard, meanwhile, plans to conduct 'Huddle with Hubbard' sessions to gather input from the community. "I will go from home to home, business to business, from neighborhood to neighborhood to hear from our citizens," she said.

Hubbard wasn't specific about how much it will cost to mount a successful campaign but she knows it will be expensive. That's why she's turning as much as possible to social media to get out the word and to raise funds. "We believe that we can do the Facebook and we have enough people out there supporting us who will ask for donations. We're going to do it from the ground roots kind of campaign where we ask you to ask for $25.00 and ask you to ask your friends for $25.00," said Hubbard.