Hubbard reaching residents through robo-calls

Albany Mayor Dorothy Hubbard sits with family at Albany's MLK Tribute at the Civic Center. / Jessica Fairley

Although Albany's Mayor Dorothy Hubbard may not be able to visit every home within the city, she isn't letting that stop her from to reaching out to residents.

Hubbard has turned to robo-calls to gain support within the community.

"I'm thanking them for their support, their financial support, for the volunteering and generally helping us to get elected," said Albany Mayor Dorothy Hubbard.

In the mist of the holiday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the mayor says with every phone call, she's striving to build on his legacy.

Where Dr. King stood to build one nation, she stands to bring together one community.

"While everybody didn't vote for me, I am reaching out to everyone to make sure that they understand that we are one Albany," said Dorothy Hubbard.

Although the phone messages are automated, residents say they don't mind because it's the effort that counts.

"Any kind of way you can get information out, I think it's important; whether automated or email," said Michael Fowler.

Now that the election is over, Hubbard says she's ready to spring forward but not without the help of the people she represent.

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