Honest Budget Act supported by Sen.. Saxby Chambliss

U.S. Senator Saxby Chambliss joined members of the Senate and House today to support the Honest Budget Act. The act aims to stop budget gimmicks and accounting tricks some legislators say conceal and enable deficit spending.

Chambliss gave the following statement on why he supports the act. "It is truly a shame that we have to come out here and force the hand of the Democrats by passing a law saying that it is time you guys present a budget," said Chambliss. "Americans want to see how much money we're going to spend and I commend Jeff [Sessions] and Olympia [Snowe] and Martha [Roby] for coming forward with a meaningful proposal that not only says that you have to pass a budget, but that also you have to be responsible in the way you do it. You can have the greatest budget in the world, and have all the right numbers in it, but if you don't have enforcement mechanisms in place then all the great numbers in a budget mean nothing. That's the type of enforcement mechanisms that we need to have in place, and I'm very pleased to stand beside all of these folks in a bicameral way and say it's time that we got more responsible and more transparent in our budget process."

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