Heritage House set for demolition again

Dilapidated Heritage House set for demolition. / Jessica Fairley

The dilapidated Heritage House on Oglethorpe Boulevard in Albany is set to come down.

The Albany Board of Commissioners approved an agreement with the Oxford Construction Company to demolish the structure.

The Heritage House should be down by October of this year.

Commissioners say demolition should begin in June.

In Tuesday's meeting, the board voted to move forward with an archaeological study to assess the land where the new bus terminal may be built.

All but two commissioners voted for this measure.

"I just felt that it was not necessary to spend the money to move forward with an archaeological study on the current site for transportation center because I feel as though citizens don't want to move forward with this project. So I don't think that we should support it if that's what the citizens are saying," says Chris Pike Albany Ward 3 Commissioner.

He says moving the bus terminal would be a detriment to the growing downtown community.