Gun control draws lawmakers' attention

The Georgia General Assembly convenes in Atlanta. / Jessica Fairley

Albany state representatives are in Atlanta for the start of the 40-day legislative session. The event begins on the second Monday of the new year.

The Georgia General Assembly came together Monday morning to swear-in members of the Georgia House and Senate.

The legislative session began after the swearing-in ceremony.

State Representative Ed Rynders (R-Albany) says some of the biggest issues that are up for discussion are ethics reform and a right to bear arms.

"I believe in a right to bear arms," said Ed Rynders, State Representative.

Although gun control is expected to come up during the legislative session, Rynders says the biggest topic is the state's budget.

"Everyone here is committed to not raising the taxes, which of course means that we have to live within our means. The governor has asked for a three percent across the board cut in programs and departments everywhere except for education. Public education will not be cut," said Ed Rynders.

Rynders says after the governor reveals his vision for the budget Thursday, representatives will likely began tackling the issue next week.