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      Governor Deal reacts to gun bill controversy

      Governor Nathan Deal signed into law a gun bill expanding where people with licenses to carry can bring their guns in Georgia.

      It TMs caused some controversy as people have voiced their concerns about the law. It will allow those with a license to carry to bring a gun into a bar without restriction and some government buildings. It also allows religious leaders and schools districts to allow guns into their churches or school districts. Gov. Deal says the law just gives the choice to those leaders at the local level.

      One aspect of the law had law enforcement officials speaking out because it would place some restrictions on their investigations. Line 788 of the bill reads "A person carrying a weapon shall not be subject to detention for the sole purpose of investigating whether such person has a weapons carry permit."

      FOX 31 asked Gov. Deal for his reaction to law enforcement's concerns with the gun bill.

      "There was some concern about whether or not you could just because you see someone carrying a weapon, that would automatically entitle you to stop them and ask for identification, Gov. Deal said. Well that's no different than anything else. If it is a constitutional right to have that weapon, you just don't have a right to stop people and arbitrarily ask them to prove that they have a right to exercise that constitutional right. It's probable cause requirement which has always been the standard that the law puts in place."

      Gov. Deal says his reaction to those who think the law jeopardizes safety is to read the bill.