Governor Deal makes a stop in Albany

Photo Credit: Todd Bailey

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal was the guest speaker at the Albany and Dougherty County joint Rotary Club meeting today and his topic was on change.

This year's legislative session has constantly been on the mind of Georgia Governor Nathan Deal.

"The elimination of the mayors tax for couples, the birthday tax on automobiles, and of course the elimination of the sales tax on energy used for manufacturing which is very important in parts of the state where we do have manufacturing like right here in Southwest Georgia."

Deal says agriculture will benefit with some tax exemption on the horizon.

"The inclusion of the crop duster air craft has never been subject to the exclusion of the sales tax and that will save a lot to those particular sales," Deal.

Ed Rynders, Georgia Assembly, "Countries all across the world use the crop dusters on farms and that's huge in terms of economic development and job creation and job retention is Southwest Georgia," Rynders.

The energy tax which will make an impact.

Proctor and Gamble in Southwest Georgia is the second largest user of energy in the entire state, and its vital that we keep jobs in both manufacturing and in agriculture here in Southwestern Georgia.