Gieryic flag waves congressional candidate's attention

Rick Allen says he believes there's a compromise that could make both parties happy / Sarah Bleau

Candidate for the 2nd Congressional District of Georgia Rick Allen made a stop to Gieryic's Automotive Repair in Albany to discuss with Tom Gieryic the debate over the placement of his American flag in the right of way.

"We have to have rules and ordinances, I understand that, but I think there's certainly a way there could be a compromise made that everybody would be happy in this situation," says Allen.

Allen says the regulation about not being able to have anything in the right of way is an example of one of his platforms. He says he's fighting against excessive regulation.

"I'm the only one talking about the Constitution, I'm the only one talking about limited government," says Allen. "We have too many regulations; we have regulations on top of regulations. We've had episodes of that in this last year where little lemonade stands are against city ordinances. Common sense is just escaping us as a people.

Gieryic says he was impressed that Allen made the time to talk with him. He says Allen's campaign manager contacted him about the candidate wanting to visit his shop, but Gieryic says he was not sure Allen would show up.

"He showed up, and it's impressive. He's running for office and he's going to take time out of his busy schedule to come talk to me about my issue," says Gieryic.

Gieryic says since garnering national attention about the issue, he has received two flags from war veterans, including one that is from the U.S.S. Arizona.

He says he does plan to install a flag pole on his property and a flag "as large as the city will let me have" in the near future. He says this decision comes after reading blog comments saying the current pole he flies his flag on does not do the American flag justice.