Georgia's 2010 legislative session started today.

Balancing the budget will be top priority

First up for lawmakers was a change of leadership in the House. Representative David Ralston was elected speaker of the House along with Jan Jones as speaker pro tem. These elections come in the wake of Glenn Richardson's resignation as speaker following a suicide attempt and allegations of an affair with a lobbyist. Representative Ed Rynders says the budget will be the big issue for 2010.

"Government's been cut by nearly four billion dollars in the last year to two years. I expect it will have to see another billion to billion and a half this year. There's not the appetite to raise people's taxes. What we need to do is make sure that those tax dollars that people have in their pockets are used out spending and stimulating the economy," said Rynders.

Rynders also says 46 percent of the budget is set aside for education and more cuts will most likely be seen in that sector.

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