Georgia Power energy expansion raising rates?

Georgia power gets the go ahead for more solar energy. / FOX 31 News

Elected members of the Public Service Commission have voted to require Georgia Power to add more solar energy to its network.

The company will add 525 megawatts worth of solar energy.

This measure is a part of the company's Integrated Resource Plan for the next 20 years.

A spokesperson for the company says this solar expansion comes under the notion that it won't hit customer pockets.

"When we put out these requests it'll have to be competitively bid. It'll put a cap on the cost so that it doesn't put upward pressure on rates for our customers," said John Kraft, Georgia Power Spokesperson.

This expansion is an addition to the solar energy programs that the company already has in place.

Customers have recently seen a rise in prices due to infrastructure upgrades and they may take another hit because of a 2014 rate increase request.

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