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      Georgia Governor follows in Florida's footsteps

      Florida was dealt another setback last week as the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a decision to temporarily freeze drug testing for welfare recipients.

      "The Federal Appeals Court has said that it's unlawful, unconstitutional because it constitutes an unreasonable search of these person," explains attorney Christopher Cohilas.

      Some people think this type of law would be good in Georgia, "how do we know that they're not using their monthly allowance towards their habit," said one woman.

      In 2012, Georgia passed a law requiring drug tests for certain welfare benefits but Governor Nathan Deal decided to hold off on implementing it pending the Appeals Court ruling on Florida.

      Silke Deeley, the C.E.O. of Liberty House, thinks this is a good thing. "If the families are in need, having to go through a drug screening is going to delay their ability to access what they need quickly," said Deeley.

      Cohilas says mandating drug testing could be a waste of money, "why not spend the money in incentivizing folks to get jobs or require them to do job training, or do something more productive."

      For now we'll have to wait and see if this law is ever put into action.

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