GA Democrat reacts to President's speech

Georgia State Senator Curt Thompson / From website

Thursday night President Barack Obama delivered a jobs speech where he laid out a multi-billion dollar plan that includes emphasis on education, infrastructure, and tax cuts.

Shortly after the speech, Fox 31 News spoke with Georgia State Senator Curt Thompson to weigh in on the speech and how it affects Georgians.

Question: What did you think of President Obama's speech and how does it relate to Georgia?

Answer: "I'm glad that President Obama came out with a fighting spirit because it will take that spirit to fight for jobs instead of the political circus we've been in. If you look around, the American Jobs Act deals with putting people back to work in schools, it deals with transportation projects and more. It affects Georgia directly because we have millions of dollars of unfunded transportation projects. It's to the point where even if we were to pass regional TSPLOST (transportation special local option sales tax) in every region of the state it would not come up with enough money fast enough either to complete those projects fast enough or get people back to work. I think the ideas presented will help provide a lot short term as well as in the long run with overall economic development.

Question: Do you think Obama's proposal will be able to pass?

Answer: It's become a very poisonous partisan environment. I think if the American people start demanding our members of congress and senate act - they'll have no choice but to act. I don't doubt that there are some in congress who simply want to play politics. That's why President Obama started talking toward the end of his speech about taking this fight to the American people all across this country. He's going to be in Virginia tomorrow in the district of the Ways and Means chair, he's going to be in Ohio, the home state of the speaker coming up because it's going to take that grassroots pressure to do it now in such a hyper politicized environment.