Ga. Chamber encourages vote to change TSPLOST election date

The Georgia Chamber of Commerce, a leading proponent of the statewide TSPLOST that will appear on the ballot in 2012, is encouraging members of the General Assembly to vote "yes" on legislation introduced during the special session that would move the question from the July primary to the November general election.

"This TSPLOST is one of the most important economic development opportunities in our state's history. Through it, Georgians will be able to choose between investment and job creation or the status quo, which will leave us far behind the competition," explained 2011 Board Chair Doug Carter. "We believe that a decision this important should be made when the maximum number of people can participate."

Due to traditionally lower turnout in primary elections and the timing of the primary in late July, the Georgia Chamber's preference has always been for the TSPLOST to be on the general election ballot and has advocated strongly for the new transportation funding stream. The TSPLOST is estimated to generate $16 to $19 billion over 10 years, with up to $2.5 billion in economic activity generated for every $1 billion spent on the designated projects.

"We know that there are strong opinions both for and against the TSPLOST and the decision made next year will be one that we all have to live with for many years," continued Carter. "While we hope that Georgians will ultimately agree to make an investment in our future, we believe that every voter deserves the right to express their opinion."