Fowler calls foul play for sign vandals

Michael Fowler election sign destroyed by vandals. / Jessica Fairley

Another person running for office is dealing with damaged election signs.

Dougherty County Coroner candidate Michael Fowler is now the third victim in this kind of crime.

It's also happened to School Board at Large candidate Dr. Anita Williams-Brown and Lee County Sheriff incumbent Reggie Rachals.

Michael Fowler says he's noticed his yard signs missing but that's not all suspects are going after. They're taking aim at his large full-sized street signs also.

Several have been ripped apart and left in the eye of the public.

"This is the sixth sign that someone has destroyed. I replaced five of them but it costs too much to replace these signs," says Michael Fowler.

At $400 a piece, the candidate says it's not only his money that's going to waste, but it's the donations from his supporters that's also being lost.

"People have paid money for the candidate to buy these signs and get out and support them and I don't think they want the signs destroyed either," said Fowler.

He's asking anyone who sees anything suspicious or knows anyone who's vandalizing the signs to contact authorities.

"It is illegal because you're removing someone's property that has been placed in a particular yard or place of business," said Reggie Rachals, Lee County Sheriff Incumbent.

If caught, thieves stand to face charges for theft, vandalism or damage to property.

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