Forum focuses on upcoming eSplost vote

R.D. Harter gives a presentation on the ESPLOST. / Allen Carter

Voters will decide whether or not to renew another SPLOST in November. This one, called eSplost, is a one percent sales tax for Dougherty County Schools.

Today school officials came out to inform voters and students at Darton College about the SPLOST.

If voters say yes officials expect the SPLOST to bring in $100 million dollars over the next five years. Most of that money will go school renovations.

"We have started renovations at all four high schools and we have plans and would like to continue those renovations to completion. We have had great results with that so far the elementary schools several of those have been renovated and we have more that need renovation," said Dougherty County School Public Information Officer R.D. Harter.

Funds will also go to classroom upgrades, security projects, and vehicle maintenance. Voting day is November 8th.