Former GBI specialist announces run for coroner

A former specialist with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) announced, in front of a large crowd of supporters, that he is running for Dougherty County Coroner.

Fowler says his experience in death investigations from the floods of 1994 to the 9-11 terrorist attacks is just part of why he's best qualified for the job. He also formerly worked in the GBI medical examiner's office.

Fowler says he wants to use his experience and the Dougherty County coroner's office to help decrease crime in the area.

"My plan with that is working hand in hand with the law enforcement and try to help them solve crime looking at the scenes and the different technologies that are out there that we used at the GBI," says Fowler

Officials say typical duties for a coroner include handling deaths in the county and determining the cause of death.

Currently, no one else has announced that they are running for Dougherty County Coroner.