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      Flint RiverKeeper fights bill at Capitol

      The General Assembly's legislative session began Monday and it expects to revisit a proposal that would create a state plan to pump water stored under ground into streams in the lower Flint River during drought periods.

      Senate Bill 213 is now before the Georgia House of Representatives and it would make the plan possible by prohibiting irrigation permit holders in the southern areas of the Flint River from using the water for their crops.

      Gordon Rogers, executive director of Flint RiverKeeper, says he's concerned about some of the language in the bill that would directly affect private property rights of water withdrawal. He says it's fundamentally unfair to pick on agricultural producers in the lower Flint to solve the problem.

      "Over time, the state has not done a very good job of managing water in the Flint," Rogers said. "Now, instead of doing a good job of managing the water, they want to attack private property rights and take away the ability of certain users while benefitting others."

      Rogers and his staff are at the Capitol this week to fight Bill 213. He says they are open to compromised language.

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