FB Story of the Day: Naming Albany streets

For our Facebook Story of the Day, you wanted to know how streets in Albany get their names.

Some citizens say they want a street named after slain Dougherty County police officer Cliff Rouse. But the process isn't easy.

It started off like a joke. A story we posted on our Facebook page about a city in Texas naming a street after Justin Bieber.

So we asked our viewers 'who do you think a street should be named after?' The response was overwhelming.

Kyle Proctor: "I posted the question who should Albany name a city street after and one of the more popular choices was Lt. Cliff Rouse," said Kyle Proctor, Interactive Managing Editor at

Several people saying that if anyone should have a street named after them it should be the fallen officer.

"I think that would be a wonderful idea. Any kind of memorial to honor an officer that went down in the line of duty," said Wes Shubert a friend of Cliff Rouse, and Manages the Cliff Rouse Memorial Facebook page.

"Cliff was an outstanding person, he was an outstanding police officer. He was a good friend he did a lot for the community and he gave his life for the community," said Shubert.

There have already been efforts to try to get Newton road named after Cliff. Lt. Rouse was from Newton and supporters say it would be a fitting tribute. But getting streets named and renamed in Dougherty County isn't all that easy.

"We want to make sure it's a name that isn't already in use somewhere in the county or sounds similar to a street name already in use in the county and then changing a street name require agreement from more than 50 percent of the land owners adjacent to the road," said Randy Weathersby of Planning and Development.

After that the matter gets taken up by a road re-naming board. The final say comes down to a vote by the city or county commission.

Shubert says if not a street then it can be something else to make sure Cliff's memory lives on.

"A building a bridge, anything, a monument in front of DCP headquarters or something," said Shubert.