Elections bring new representatives and new ideas

Voters hit the polls for Price and Fowler. / Matt Prichard

Months of campaigning have paid off for Dr. Lane Price and Michael Fowler, who both captured positions in their respective races. Now the real challenge begins, deciding on their first order of business.

"Next week I'm going to take my weekend off and start learning the school system, I know the things I want to accomplish but I've got to know the baseline, I need to know the rules of the game before one just gets in and starts doing randomly," said newly elected school board member, Dr. Lane Price.

Newly appointed Dougherty County coroner Michael Fowler shared similar sentiments, but had one specific goal in mind.

"Well I'd like to establish a communication line between the public, I've had many families call me about a death certificate misunderstanding, I would like to assist them and understand what the cause is, and understand what we have on the death certificate," said Fowler.

Fowler continued saying that he's just happy to be getting to work.

"It's kind of more of a relief now, settle down now and be able to spend more time with the public like I like doing," said Fowler.

Dr. Price also reflected on her campaign calling it, exhaustingly rewarding.

"I'm just thrilled to death, I'm excited, I'm tired, and it's been a wonderful campaign," said Dr. Price.

Fowler and Price both agree that although the campaign is over, the real work is just beginning.