Early voting brings in low numbers

A local voter goes insider the voter registration office to vote during the last day. / Sarah Bleau

It's been quiet during most of early voting, but not on Friday for the last day.

"We've had a lot of voters turn out today," says Elections Supervisor Ginger Nickerson.

According to the Voter Registration and Elections Office, 354 citizens cast their ballot during the last day of early voting.

"I wanted to make sure that my vote did count, that I did serve as a voice for the community for what I wish to see happen on some things I would like to see done inside of the city of Albany," says Voter Brandon Dotson.

The Elections Office says just 1,985 people participated in early voting. Compared to the 50,019 people registered to vote in Dougherty County, that's four percent of the population.

"We'd like for it to be more. That's not the percentage we prepare for; we always prepare for at least fifty or higher," says Nickerson.

So why aren't people showing up?

"I'm thinking maybe a lack of awareness or a lack of sensitivity to the issues inside of the city of Albany," says Doston.

Helen Young, who's helped work previous elections, says there's a lack of awareness about early voting and there needs to be a bigger push to promote it.

"I've spoken with some people about that and what they said was they want to be a part of the whole process on that date," says Young. "I wish people could enjoy the stress that it relieves once you vote: You don't have to hear no more commercials, no more advertisement, you've made your choice; it's a done deal."

Election officials say early voting is an indicator of how that day will be.

"If you base it on today, it's going to be a good day; if you base it on overall it'll be an okay day," says Nickerson.

If you did not vote early and do not know which precinct you vote in on Election Day on Tuesday, visit the following MVP (My Voter Page) on the Georgia Secretary of State's website.

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