Dougherty School board addresses Murfree while Price looks at the future

It was a day full of Dougherty County School Board discussions on Wednesday.

In the morning, the board met to discuss the future of Dr. Joshua Murfree's contract which is set to expire June 7th.

Moments after the meeting began Reverend James Bush motioned to go into executive session, dismissing the public and Dr. Murfree himself.

For around twenty minutes, the board and Dougherty County School System Attorney Tommy Coleman spoke behind closed doors.

Coleman says this is normal procedure for the contract of an administrator -- no matter who they are -- to be discussed months before its expiration.

The board has the option to terminate the contract, renew it, or let it expire but Coleman says they have not come to a decision.

While the future of Dr. Murfree was discussed, others met just around the corner to discuss the future of the board itself.

School Board At-large Candidate Lane Price held a luncheon meeting to discuss what the board needs to focus on if she were elected.

Increasing the graduation rate and strengthening the parent support network were two of the ideas presented by the group.

Price says what the board does will be defined by a strong leader and whatever they decide to do with the superintendent position, she hopes the board will be led to creating a stronger school system.