Dougherty County finances are "okay"

Dougherty County Finance Committee

The Dougherty County Finance Committee reviewed the first 6 months of the county budget Wednesday morning and say so far everything is "okay".

Dougherty County's "General Fund" has collected $29.7 million dollars and the county has spent $21 million dollars in the first six months of the budget. The Dougherty County "Special Tax District Fund" has collected $5.01 million dollars and spent $3.3 million dollars.

Dougherty County Finance Chairman Lamar Hudgins says the finances are "okay" right now, however in the next six months that's when the committee will get a clear picture of if they will have to make any major budget changes. "Within the next six months we'll have to determine if we need to transfer money from the reserve funds, and hopefully we won't" says Hudgins.

Commissioners are also working with the Department of Revenue to cross reference records and make sure businesses are paying both local business license fees and the state sales tax.

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