Dems make final push for votes in Albany

Three of the major democratic candidates on Tuesday's ticket were all in Southwest Georgia

Ken Hodges, Carol Porter and Roy Barnes; Three of the major democratic candidates on Tuesday's ticket were all in Southwest Georgia.

"There's an old country song that's got a verse in it that says I need ya, I want ya, and I gotta have ya," said Roy Barnes.

For Barnes he just may need, want and gotta have those votes. According to the latest polls he's down seven points to Nathan Deal. But being down on the polls doesn't mean he's down on his sprits.

"I've seen this happen before. In 1998 I was about where I am right now in the public polling and I ended up winning by ten points, so we feel really good about it," said Barnes.

Former Dougherty County District Attorney Ken Hodges is seeking to become state Attorney General. He says experience is what sets him apart.

"We need somebody who has been in the courtroom and somebody who can keep us safe, and I'm the only person in this race who's done that. So I need them to go out and vote for me and i need them to get their friends to vote for me we also need a voice from Southwest Georgia up in Atlanta representing us," said Hodges.

As for Lieutenant Governor candidate Carol Porter, she's looking at taking on crooked politics.

"I am trying to tell voters to get informed because the corruption in the lieutenant Governor's Office is what is holding us back in this state on jobs and turning this economy around and educating our children," said Porter.

Coming to Albany is only part of a very long day for these candidates. Roy Barnes says he plans on stopping in at least eight cities throughout Georgia on election eve. And for Barnes, he's telling those voters that electing a governor is like hiring an employee.

"Who would you choose to run your own business? And I suggest to you that you put that in the context of anybody that's going to vote for Nathan Deal, and I say do you want him running your own business," said Barnes.

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