Cuts ahead to balance the FY2012 city budget

City commissioners reviews the fiscal year 2011 audit / Sarah Bleau

As budget season begins, the Albany city commission went through its audit for the last fiscal year at their evening meeting on Tuesday.

In fiscal year 2011, the city had $56 million in revenue: A $600,000 decrease from fiscal year 2010. The city had $57.3 million in expenses during fiscal year 2011, which a four percent increase from fiscal year 2010 according to the auditor.

Mayor Dorothy Hubbard says as they continue planning their fiscal year 2012 budget, there will have to be cuts.

"We had to go into the general fund to use those extra monies, so we're going to have to be looking at how we can cut and how we can cut back in order not to have to continue to do that," says Hubbard.

The auditor says the city had to take out notes several years ago and that the city improved by not having to this year.

The city commission also voted 6 to 1 to table a contract connected to the $10 million multimodal transportation center. Because of Indian artifacts on the planned site, a $500,000 archeological contract bid was proposed. Commissioner Roger Marietta says he has concerns about only one bidder involved with the contract, and Commissioner Tommie Postell then motioned to table the issue for a month.

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