County Commissioners talk health insurance

Commissioners hear from insurance representatives

Dougherty County Commissioners met Monday and one issue dominated the discussion - employee insurance plans.

County consultant Spencer Allen told commissioners that if they agree to the health insurance plan he recommends they'll save $843,000 moving forward. Some of the savings is from employees not participating in the plan while other reasons for savings can be attributed to employees switching to more cost effective plans. A recent audit also found more than 100 people who are covered by the county's plan who do not qualify.

County Commission Chairman Jeff Sinyard says the goal is to have more accountability. "We're trying to get more accountability so we can find our employees the best coverage, the best policy, and benefits for the least amount of premium" says Sinyard.

Chris Glover, the county's Aflac representative says he can offer better rates compared to the consultant, however Commissioner Gloria Gaines pointed out he already had the opportunity to bid and the commission needs to maintain the bidding process's integrity.

After more than two hours of discussion commissioners agreed to let the insurance review committee meet and suggest the best plan with the lowest rate.

Commissioners say they're confident the committee will make the right decision for employees and tax payer money which will allow them to run a concise program.

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