Coroner says she's 'running for the purpose, not the position'

Dougherty County Coroner Emma Quimbley says her commitment to families makes her stand out as a candidate / Sarah Bleau

Dougherty County's incumbent coroner says she's running for the purpose not the position.

Emma Quimbley says what qualifies her for re-election is not only her experience but her commitment to staying with families of the deceased until they reach closure.

"Eight years ago we said that we was determined to make a difference so we're here eight years later and we're still determined to make a difference," says Quimbley.

She says her perspective has changed since becoming coroner. Quimbley says she's just not working with bodies.

"They're someone's mother, someone's father, someone's children, friends, and it is the coroner's responsibility to embrace that grieving heart while law enforcement solves crimes," says Quimbley. She says not all deaths are the result of crimes, though.

Quimbley is running against Michael Fowler for Dougherty County Coroner.