Consolidation could be on November ballot

Photo Credit: Ashley Knight

Two men at the Dougherty County commission meeting Monday expressed their wish to have the consolidation issue put on the November ballot.

Back in 2010, the city voted to send their version of a consolidated charter onto the state legislature, which would then be put on a ballot.

However, four county commissioners voted against sending the county's version of the charter and therefore stopped the process.

After listening to the two men, Commission Chair Jeff Sinyard asked that a letter be written to the city, asking them to consider making the changes necessary to send another charter to the legislature to begin the process again.

"We have the census lines, the new district lines, and consequently there would have to be some changes and other potential amendments depending on what the city chooses on other amendments to incorporate in that document," says Sinyard.

The four commissioners who voted 'no' in 2010 were John Hayes, Muarlean Edwards, Gloria Gaines and Jack Stone.

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