Congressman Bishop opens campaign headquarters

Bishop's campaign headquarters

Congressman Sanford Bishop opened his Albany campaign headquarters with a ribbon cutting ceremony today. Bishop says he's not running against anyone, because he's focused on running for office. "I'm running for a job. I'm asking the people to renew my contract because I have a proven record and have delivered on what I said I would do" says Bishop.

Shirley Sherrod was present to back up Bishop's dedication to Georgia farmers and will do whatever she can do help get him re-elected.

When asked if she plans to take the current job offer from the USDA she says she hasn't made any final decisions. "I don't want to be the fall guy for all discrimination in the Department of Agriculture. I want to know that wherever that is, that there is sufficient funding to actually do the work and sufficient support to actually do what's expected of me" says Sherrod.

Bishop says her knowledge and support mean a lot to his re-election campaign.

The headquarters is located at 2516 Dawson Road, Suite D, Albany, Ga.