Congress needs to compromise to avoid sequestration

America is on the verge of sequestration.

/ FOX 31

When Congress needed to cut $1.2 trillion from the budget, they appointed a super committee, made up of half republicans and half democrats, to do so. That committee hasn't been able to reach an agreement which puts us on the verge of sequestration.

"The ax will fall, so to speak, January 1st and set off a series of mandated cuts at specific percentages, not really targeted at what needs to be cut but targeted at dollar values", said assistant city manager, Wes Smith.

Those cuts will reduce funding to programs like tenant and project based rental assistance and the homeless assistance grants.

One of the biggest blows to the area would come from the cuts to the Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany.

Captain Richard K. Ulsh, of them United States Marine Corps says "sequestration is alarming due to both the magnitude and the mechanism, because the law calls for across-the-board cutsâ|the office of management and budget and the DOD are working closely to understand the law and assess its impacts."

It's important to remember that sequestration is not a done deal. Congress still has time to come up with an alternate way to reduce the budget, but it's going to take a compromise

"Our democracy can't work if we operate trying to get only what we want, and are not willing to compromise. So we need to come up with a solution, not a democrat solution not a republican solution but an American solution," said Congressman Sanford D. Bishop, Jr

Congress is in recess now and won't be back in session until after the presidential election. This leaves them just under two months to figure out a solution.