Community forum wraps up legislative session

Citizens in east Albany got a chance to talk to their local state representative this afternoon

Citizens in east Albany got a chance to talk to their local state representative this afternoon. Carol Fullerton fielded questions the about the recent legislative session.

Up close and personal, representative Fullerton made herself available to her constituents Saturday morning.

"It's good for folks to come out, constituents or not, to learn about what's going on at any level of government," said Fullerton.

The community meeting was called by City Commissioner Jon Howard.

"Citizens need to be aware that myself and other elected officials, that they see us not only coming up to elections but to have a one-on-one dialogue with them," said Howard.

Fullerton says she wanted to give the people an update on the recent legislative session.

"They're very important to me to learn what people are thinking and to make sure i am on target representing people in Atlanta," said Fullerton.

And the citizens wanted to give her an update on their concerns, a good portion of it had to do with changes the hope scholarship.

"It lowers the amount that you can get if you have a lesser grade point average and to me that's sort of backwards," said Fullerton.

"We've got a lot of children that might not come up to that standard so they will be left out and I want it to be for all of the children because that's what it was for," said Orais Jefferson.

As well as a recently passed immigration reform bill.

"I think that, that bill could have been tweaked because you certainly don't want individuals being harassed or intimidated because they are from a foreign country," said Howard.

Fullerton fell in the minority of many of these controversial issues.

But they're not settled yet. The bills must be signed by Governor Nathan Deal in the next 40 days before becoming law.

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