Coming together to send well wishes

A vigil is underway for Dawson Mayor Christopher Wright after the 23-year-old was shot multiple times late Thursday evening. / Franklin White

"He's still my man of steel, my Clark Kent, my Mayor, my nephew," says Wallace Johnson.

On Saturday, friends, family, and even high school classmates united as one, lighting a candle and saying a prayer for their city's leader.

"Chris wasn't just shot, the entire community was shot," says Morgan Gardner.

On Thursday, just after 10:00 p.m. Police say the Mayor of Dawson, 23-year-old Christopher Wright, was shot at home.

Wallace Johnson says, "he's not fully stable, still going through multiple surgeries. He's still with us. He's still holding on."

For now, the community is pressing forward, praying, and supporting one another until the man that's so loved is returned back to their city, ready to lead once again.

"The main thing we're asking is for everyone's prayer and the man's full recovery of this because we know that with prayer and god, anything is possible," says Earnest Johnson.

The family tells FOX 31 News, Wright remains at Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital.

Still no word if there are any suspects in the shooting.

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