Click here to see if you're qualified for a political office

With voting day getting close, we broke down what the requirements are to get your name on the ballot

/ Colby Gallagher

The requirements to become sheriff of a particular county aren't out of the ordinary.

"For sheriff you have to be at least 25 years of age, they have to be fingerprinted of course to verify their criminal record, also you have a 6-year employment record, and a 6-year resident record that is required," said Voter Registration Supervisor, Ginger Nickerson.

To run for the school board, you only have to be 25 or over, live in the county for at least two years and live in the district you're running for for at least one year.

As for county commissioner? Anyone 21 or over who has lived in the county at least two years and in the district they'd serve for 6 months or more can be a commissioner.

So how do they get put on a ballot?

"You meet the qualifications and you pay a fee, whatever the established fee is for that particular race, and all of them vary, and that's basically it," said Nickerson.

If you have your proof of residency and age and your registration money, you can get on the ballot of most political offices but it doesn't mean you'll win.

Some experts say that the qualifications actually run a lot deeper than what's written on paper.

"You must understand the political way of life and you must be likeable, to some extent, and you must also have clout in your constituency," said Albany State University History and Political Science Chairman, Babafemi Elufiede.

Dr. Elufiede says the clout candidates gain with their people is based off of actions rather than likeability.

"People in the actual sense of it, may vote for you because they like you but most people would like to know whether you have the substance. Can you deliver what you say you are going to be able to do?"

So a youngster with no political background can certainly get a spot on the next ballot, but in order to make people click your name, you're going to have to go above and beyond the basic qualifications.
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