City of Sylvester calls special meeting

Sylvester Board of Commissioners call special meeting. / Matt Prichard

The Sylvester Board of Commissioners held a special meeting Thursday to address financial issues with Tax Commissioner, Tabetha Dupriest.

The board said that Dupriest had not been reporting financial records to them as often as they would've liked, causing Dupriest to respond with this statement:

"I've always just done it for the last twelve years, properties have been once a month, motor vehicles have been every two weeks. It's never been an issue and the prior board had never said anything about it. Now all of a sudden I get a memo today saying they expect it every two weeks and they want it today, and they didn't give me enough time to respond or turn the money back over today, and then I find out about an hour after that that there's a special meeting for this," said Dupriest.

The meeting adjourned with the board split on the issue, and agreeing that Dupriest will report all financial dealings to them every two weeks.

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