City Manager tells Albany City Commission operational changes are needed

Roger Marietta looks over papers at Tuesday's City Commission meeting / Ashley Knight

During talks of a five-year fiscal plan, City Manager James Taylor told Albany City Commissions they need to make drastic cuts.

He used the 2013 budget as an example of how the commission needs to be more fiscally responsible, saying they had to "borrow" $7 million from other funds to balance the budget.

Taylor says they need to make big changes in the way they operate, including reducing operating costs by $5 million per year. The plan also provides for 60 personnel cuts over the next five years. Taylor says the commission should look into reducing property ownership including parks and FEMA sites. Fuel reduction was also mentioned as well as looking into out-sourcing options and expanding infrastructure that aids in growth and development.

The commission says they want to avoid a tax increase next year, and these cuts are the way to make that happen.