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      Carol Fullerton kicks off campaign in Downtown Albany

      Fullerton's campaign sign displays her slogan of "courage, commitment, compassion"

      Georgia House Representative Carol Fullerton officially announced her bid for re-election Tuesday morning.Fullerton kicked off the campaign announcement at the Bridge House in Albany.

      If elected, this would be Fullerton TMs third term in office. She would be representing the newly expanded House District #153, which includes the majority of her former District #151, and expands the territory to the east and west.

      When questioned about recent unsatisfactory ratings by the Georgia Chamber of Commerce she responded, If it TMs something that TMs for North Georgia and not South Georgia I TMm not going to do it, I don TMt care what the rating is

      Fullerton says that healthcare and education will be top priorities. She has recently proposed a referendum that includes the construction of a flood-proof Clark Avenue Bridge, which will be voted on in the July 31st primary.