Candidates gather as July primary approaches

Candidates spoke to the public prior to the July 31st primary. / Sean Streicher

Candidates for the July 31st primary flocked to the Albany Police Department, for a town hall meeting held specifically for them.

City commissioner, Jon Howard, has been holding meeting like these for quite a while, "Prior to any election for the past 17 years I've always invited candidates to come out to give there platform, their vision, why their running, and really to give them a chance just to meet the voters."

Listed below are the 11 candidates that spoke about their platforms and why they deserve your vote:

State Representative, District 153
-Carol Fullerton
-Maurlean Edwards

Dougherty County Commission, District 3
-Louise Primrose
-Clinton Johnson

Dougherty County School Board, At-Large
-Anita Williams Brown
-Lane Price

State Court Judge
-Victoria Darrisaw
-Christopher Warren

Dougherty County Coroner
-Emma Quimbley
-Michael Foweler

US Congress
-Rick Allen

If you're planning on voting in the July primary but have not yet registered you have until July 2nd to do so.
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