Calhoun disqualified in Ward II race

Cheryl Calhoun paying to qualify for the election. / From file

Cheryl Calhoun, one of the candidates running for ward two, has been disqualified by the Dougherty County Elections Board based on where she lives.

It was discovered that she does not live in ward two, but ward one.

Calhoun lives on Georgia Avenue, which is split between wards one and two.

When Calhoun went to qualify, the GIS system on their computers said Calhoun lived in ward two.

Elections Supervisor Ginger Nickerson says the computer error has been taken care of.

"Basically, GIS, City Planning Department, did not have anybody living on that street, didn't have anyone living in that block. They also sent a staff member out yesterday to physically go out and verify those house numbers," says Nickerson.

Those who have already voted early for Calhoun will not get a chance to vote again and those votes for Calhoun will not be counted.

The remaining candidates for Ward two are Melissa Strother and Ivey Hines.