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      Businesses react to stormwater fees

      Stormwater fees are popping up on some people's electricity bills. This comes a few months after the city decided to charge the monthly fee.

      Several business owners have complained about what they say are excessive fees and the city's method of determining those fees for the program start-up.

      Some have said they aren't currently planning to pay the fees until the city justifies them.

      Residents will pay a flat rate of $2.50 but for businesses it will depend on their land.

      "The city has to continue to be on top of the fees as it has to be accurate in the way they're charging so when you take a business that's got so much of pavement and so much of roof space, all those calculations are how the storm water fees are calculated," Chad Warbington with Shutters Plus, Inc. said.

      Jason Sheffield owns Dawson Road Jewelry and Pawn and says he understands the fee.

      "I hadn't heard about it," Sheffield said. "I can somewhat understand though especially if it's something the federal government has mandated they do. I mean to a point they've almost got to do it. They're legally obligated to handle a lot of that stuff."

      People should see these fees on their Water, Gas and Light utility bills this month or next.